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The Bemer Story

Learn about how this all started.

With a passion for helping people

Bemer has become a globally operating company with hundreds of employees around the world. From our beginnings in 1990 as a family run business in Central Europe, we set out to make the world a better place by improving people’s quality of life. We seek to achieve this goal by providing high-tech products – over one million satisfied customers will attest to that.

The Bemer Timeline


INNOMED Int. AG is founded in Liechtenstein


Global patenting of BEMER Signal and introduction of BEMER 3000 system


Start of own production


Launch of the B.Light


International expansion


Cooperation with the Institute of Microcirculation


Development of “Bemer Plus” signal


Bemer research sets milestone in medicine.


Re-design of the Classic & Pro models


Market launch of a new product generation with unsurpassed signal configuration


Intro of the new Multi-Dimensional Signal structure. Intro of the new B.Box


Expansion and move to new BEMER headquarters; Awarded with REDDOT Design Award


More than one million users worldwide


Bemer research honored once again with Science Award (more than 100 scientific studies)


Recertification of Bemer devices, new clinical evaluation


Started collaboration with NASA


Purchase of USA Headquarters in Carlsbad. New Bemer Vet product launch


2nd REDDOT Award for Bemer Vet

Bemer Highlights

Revolutionary product


Disruptive technology


1 Million+ users


4,000+ hospitals & clinics


1,000+ top level athletes


5 worldwide patents


published medical papers


FDA registered device


Collaboration with NASA

Improved Signal: Prolonged Effect

Evolution of product generations


  • More stimulus
  • Specific frequency variation along a specific timeline
  • The rhythm giver signal
Bemer product generation evolution

Subtle Energy Field

Patented Bemer Signal

10 ~ 30 Hz / 3.5 ~ 35 Microtesla

Bemer energy

Medical & Scientific Research

Numerous medical studies, and growing!

Do your own research – the more you look, the better Bemer looks!

20 years of top quality technology

Bemer Int. AG was founded in 1998 by Peter Gleim as Innomed International AG, and renamed accordingly in 2010. The company is based in Triesen, Liechtenstein, and employs 35 people at its office there. Bemer Int. AG is active in the field of medical technology, and promotes research in the area of microcirculation, while developing physical treatment processes to improve microcirculation. This technology has numerous patents and is a market leader in various product lines that the company distributes via its own widespread direct sales organization and corresponding country representatives in 40 countries. Peter Gleim has an extensive track record in the direct sales industry both as a distributor and as a business owner. During his career, he has created several of the most successful direct sales companies in Europe.

Believing does not mean knowing

How it all began

In 1998 – the year our company was founded, our first Bemer device was launched; our belief exceeded our knowledge by far. We could see the effect of Bemer. We could witness it in the improvements for our users and feel it in our own bodies. However, we could neither prove it nor explain it with scientific precision. There was understandably a great deal of skepticism from people like doctors for example, who wanted or needed to see proof. However, there was a whole other segment of people who placed less value on this scientific evidence. This rapidly growing group included those who had exhausted all therapies, or had symptoms of varying types but could no longer be helped by conventional medicine. It also encompassed patients with chronic pains, and those for whom medication provided little to no relief. Poor circulation prevented delivery of the medication to its intended destination in the body. These people and other groups comprised our customer base in the early days.

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