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Join BEMER USA National Directors,
George & Chris Veronis, for the first ever
Fast Track Success System

BEMER Fast Track is a results-driven program designed to get you GOING and GROWING! Commit to 6 weeks of pedal-to-the-metal activity and realize your goals of advancing yourself and your team. Follow through and maximize the comp plan and incentive program. Position yourself for the most productive 3rd quarter ever and finish up the year STRONG! Start formulating your team now!


Learn "behavior vs. results" thinking

Instill good habits and efficiency

Develop a plan of action, short and long term

Achieve "Empower Your Life" incentive program

Increase overall sales

Teamwork and accountability

New momentum with managers setting the example for growth

Revive the competitive spirit

Rules of the Game

Minimum of 9 members (max 12) per team, including team captain

Register and pay the $30 fee to participate

Participate in the weekly training

Commit to TWO appt / pres / demo (max 4 in each category) per week

Must participate in the entire contest - no substitutions or replacements

Numbers will be posted and shared with entire group (no personal contact information will be given)

Team members submit numbers to team captain by 5:00PM Sunday evening

Team captains submit aggregated numbers to Claire no later than 9:00am EST every Monday morning

Respect one another (team captain, teammates)

Conduct yourselves with professionalism, honesty, and work ethic

How you can help your team


Fast Track participants determine where they would like to be by the end of the Fast Track period.

Specific goals include:

# of appointments set
# of presentations completed
# of product points earned
Rank advancements achieved


Each participant—with the help of their team leader—creates a detailed action plan for how they are going to achieve their goals. Using a calendar, they determine what days and times they are going to set appointments, demo the product, schedule follow-ups, report to their team leader, and more.


Participants follow through on their action plan, tallying their results and reporting to their team leader each week.


Each week team leaders report results for their teams. We will highlight successes and recognize the positive efforts you’ve achieved!

How we’ll help

Every week, for 6 weeks, we will meet by ZOOM to CELEBRATE the leaderboard and support, train, and motivate all those striving to reach their goals! This is the time to CHALLENGE and CHEER your team!


Three team winners: Gold, Silver, Bronze (prizes TBD)

Earn $1,200 (5%) when you accomplish the "Empower Your Life" incentive program


Potential rank advancement

Mastering a successful behavior formula for long term success

Team Leaderboard

Scroll right to see more points, scroll down to see more weeks.

Glossary of terms


When you add someone to your calendar for a meeting date regarding Bemer presentation and/or demo. This can be set for either for this week, next week or any time within the contest parameters. You will count it during the week you actually made the appt., not when you will meet with that person.

EXAMPLE: Wed, May 8 I set 3 appointments (1 for this week, 2 for next week). I put a 3 in the “Appts” column for the week that includes May 8. After I actually see that conduct each presentation (1 this week, 2 next), I will put the corresponding number in the “Pres” column. Next week, I won’t take credit for these 3 appts, because that happened last week, but I will take the credit for the actual presentations, if they happen as planned. When in doubt, call your team captain!


Whenever you have a chance to present the “BEMER message” to someone. A BEMER message is the highlighting of the major points of our BEMER PRODUCT LECTURE.

Which are for example:

— Your story
— How do you feel
— Microcirculation/blood flow/oxygen, nutrients IN and CO2, Toxins OUT
— Blood Flow Video
— Vasomotion
— PEMF study
— Our company bullets
— Various applicators
— Bemer Pro and Bemer Horse
— 1,000,000+ Users in 43 countries
— Our market: Boomers, GEN Xers
— Athletes
— Healthcare professionals
— Price and psychology of price
— BREAD: Finance program
— Our Vision: Bemer in every home
— Our referral statistic from users
— Bemer does not get sold but it gets purchased
— How to purchase as a customer
— How to enroll as an IBD
— the simplified Comp Plan
— Academy Certification

So whether you tell the BEMER message thru your smartphone, via webinar, in- home pres., a Bemer Business Luncheons, Bemer Saturday, 1on1 at a coffee shop….YOU COUNT THAT as a presentation. When you get good at it you can pass the entire message to a prospect in 20 minutes.


To get credit in the contest for helping someone reach Senior rank. That person must have been enrolled after MAY 5, 2019, and rank up to IBDS before the contest ends on JUNE 16.